Read copies of the various policies, and terms & conditions, that users of Ealing Libraries have signed up to and agree to abide by when using the library and its services. 


Below are Ealing Libraries policies on:

•    Data Protection (GDPR)
•    Internet Usage Policy
•    Library Bylaws 





Use of the Public Access Computers 

Below is a copy of the current terms and conditions for use of the public access computers in Ealing Libraries users will see on the computer before logging in.


Terms and Conditions of Use of the Public Access Computers in Ealing Libraries

Before using a public access computer in Ealing’s libraries you must accept the following terms and conditions by clicking on the ‘I agree’ button below.

I agree that my use of the computer is at the discretion of the library staff who may stop me using the computers if I behave inappropriately and may impose a ban on any further use for either a specified or unlimited period. 

I will not access websites or upload or view files containing pornographic, racist, violent or illegal material and I recognise that the library staff’s decision as to what falls into these categories is final.

I will not download any copyrighted material including software, games, music, graphics, video or text materials.

I will not view any live television broadcast.

I will be responsible for any damages caused to the computers or associated equipment arising from any wilful or negligent misuse of them by me.

I understand that Ealing Libraries do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness of any information supplied over the internet and that I use such information at my own risk.

Please click the ‘I Agree’  button below if you agree to abide to the above terms and conditions.