Getting started with computers and the internet can be difficult. Whether you want help with setting up Skype, online shopping or email, there’s something here for you.


To help you on your way, read the useful guides produced by Digital Unite.



WiFi is available in all Ealing libraries. To use it you need a your Library membership number and PIN.  


Computer facilities

Computers are free to use for up to 2 hour at all Ealing libraries.


Computers can be used to:

  • access the internet
  • email
  • use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • download and print documents
  • save to a USB memory stick


How to book

You can book a computer up to a week in advance.You need a library membership card with an activated online account.


Computers can only be booked for two, 1 hour sessions per day.


See our library policies page and internet acceptable user policy for more information. 


Using a booked computer

  • You must start using the computer within 10 minutes of the start of the booking, or the booking will be cancelled
  • When you have 5 minutes left of your booking, you will be shown a warning message
  • When your session finishes, the PC will log out automatically, ready for the next person to use
  • The last session of the day will end 15 minutes before the library closes


Children and young people

Children and young people under 16 can use the internet provided their parent or carer has ticked the permission box on the membership application.


Children under 11 can use the internet, but must be accompanied by an adult.


Viewing unsuitable material

The viewing of violent, sexually explicit or other offensive material is strictly prohibited.


Anyone discovered doing this will be asked to leave the building immediately and banned from using the computers in future.